Free Google Ads Scripts

We regularly publish free Google Ads scripts here.
NO knowledge of Google Ads script is required! Simply copy and paste into your account.

 Identify and fix search query problems in Google Ads

Search query comparison and keyword generator for Google Ads Editor – ideal for the Google Ads Update in February 2021.

The script "Identify and fix search query problems in Google Ads" pulls two search query reports and compares them. If there are no search queries in the current report, new keywords are added. If search queries exist only in the new report, but not in the old report, negative keywords are added for them. However, the changes are not made in the Google Ads account, but in the Google Ads Editor, so that you can go through and edit everything before you put it online.

 Modified broad match keywords => phrase match keywords

The Google Ads Script Modified broad match keywords => phrase match keywords automatically creates these phrase match keywords from this keyword +Wort1 +Wort2 +Wort3:
"word1 word2 word3"
"word1 word3 word2"
"word2 word1 word3"
"word2 word3 word1"
"word3 word1 word2"
"word3 word2 word1"

 Automatically check landing pages via Google Ads scripts

Our automatic LinkChecker for Google Ads goes far beyond the checks of other Google Ads scripts for link or landing page verification.
You will receive an email when:

  • Google Ads link to 404 pages or
  • Landing pages contain configurable text like "No items found" (soft 404 error).
  • Tracking parameters are removed by redirects (actually happens very often).

Our link checker also copes with very large accounts – then simply set the execution to hourly instead of daily if the account is too large that all links can be checked within 30 minutes (limitation of Google).

 Google Ads Script for exact match keywords

The Google Ads Script Make Exact Match Exact by Brainlabs makes exact match keywords again. For this purpose, the search queries are evaluated and negative keywords are automatically added if necessary.
With older versions of the Google Ads Script you have to be careful for which ad groups you configure it. The current version automatically checks if there are only exactly matching keywords in an ad group – great! Unfortunately, Brainlabs has removed the possibility to run the script only for certain ad groups – but we think this is very important.
Among other things, we have added the selectability of ad groups and made the Google Ads Script easier to use for non-programmers.

 Google Ads Script for bid adjustment on ad position

The Google Ads Script Automatic bids on ad position by Brainlabs automatically adjusts the click bids every hour to reach a defined ad position.
We have extended the script a bit and made it easier to use for non-programmers.

 Google Ads scripts for account monitoring

Google Ads Monitoring is a free Google Ads Script that will send you an email tabulating where there are noticeable changes from defined comparison periods.

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Keep Google Ads Scripts up to date

Google Ads Scripts must be updated sometimes when Google made changes in Google Ads. This means that suddenly some scripts don't work anymore. That's why we publish our Google Ads Scripts in a way that we can update them for you.
If you use scripts from other websites you must update them yourself.

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