Google Ads script for exact match keywords

The Google Ads script "Make Exact Match Exact" that we publish here from Brainlabs (, makes "exact match keywords" match exactly again by adding negative keywords. We have adapted the script from Brainlabs (V2.0) so it is easier to use and no changes in Google Ads Scripts code are necessary.

NO Google Ads Scripts knowledge is required - very easy to use. Just copy & paste!

This Google Ads script will no longer be updated and adapted for the new Google Ads Scripts version, as we have developed a much more flexible solution with which you can not only force exact match, but also word group and a kind of modified broad match. You can also define keywords for shopping ad groups and much more. You can find the script here:
Google Ads Script 'Search Terms Must Match'

 Functionality of the Google Ads Script for exact match keywords

  • The script analyzed e.g. daily search queries from exact match keywords in the last 30 days.
  • It can be configured that only campaigns or ad groups are considered which contain specific text.
  • Ad groups with keywords having got other match type than 'exact' will be ignored (new in V2.0).
  • Search terms with the keyword option "exact (close variant)" are added as exact match negative keywords to the ad group. Because typos etc. are automatically added by the script as negative keywords, exact match keywords are exact again - or at least as good as:-)

 Recommendation for the use of the Google Ads Script for exact match keywords

  1. In many cases it is NOT sensible to exclude variants and typing errors - either manually or by a script.
    When you add the exact match keyword [red color shoes], you will probably display ads even people search for red colour shoes.
  2. Define 'campaign name contains' and 'ad group name contains' if possible for performance reasons. If not, the scripts looks for all ad groups just containing (active or paused) exact match keywords.
    Tip: Append e.g. [EXACT] to ad group names this script should append negative keywords to.
  3. Because negative keywords are added as exact match the script excludes less search terms than possible (improvement opportunity:-) ). Currently you can manually change the match type to broad for most keywords to get better results. But pay attention!

 Configuring the script

Campaign name

Perform only keywords in campaigns whose names CONTAIN this: .

Ad group name

Perform only keywords in ad groups whose names CONTAIN this: .

See tip above for naming ad groups. We enter [EXACT] here.

Make changes

Consider paused ad groups and keywords

E-mail address (recommended)

Report to: .

 The Google Ads script ready for copy&past

Just copy this script and paste it into your Google Ads account. Rather than directly clicking below in the instructions to "Run script now", you can also first click on "Preview" and then choose the report. There it is listed which negative keywords are added where, when executing the script correctly.

If you want, you can still specify that the script, for example, runs daily at midnight automatically (recommended).

* Make Exact Match Exact
* Adds negatives for any search query that doesn't actually exactly match an exact match keyword.
* Version: 2.0
* Google AdWords Script maintained on
* Script by Brainlabs / modified and hosted by data-inside:
* Modification 1.0 of script version 2.0
var g_sCampaignNameDoesNotContain = []; // array means 'contains none of'
var g_sCampaignNameContains = []; // array means 'contains at least on of'
var g_sAdGroupNameContains = "";
var g_bMakeChanges = ;
var g_sMailAddress = "";
var g_bReportFoundMail = ;
var g_bConsiderPaused = ; // true: paused ad groups and paused keywords will be analysed like active
function main() {
var sVersionOrg = "2.0";
var sVersionDataInside = "1.0";
var url = "";
 try {
 } catch (e) { try {MailApp.sendEmail(g_sMailAddress, "Exception in Script 'Making Exact Match Exact' - "+AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getName(), "Exception: "+e.message+"\r\nStacktrace:\r\n"+e.stack);} catch (e2) {Logger.log(e2.message);} throw e; }

Copyright and disclaimer

This Google Ads Scripts lib can be used by anyone at no charge. Use is granted without guarantee or liability.

Instructions: Paste Google Ads monitor script into Google Ads account

Please configure the Google Ads monitor at the top with your details first.
Then copy the Google Ads script from the gray box to the clipboard.
Then go into your Google Ads account and proceed step by step, as shown:
AdWords Scripts Installation

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