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Usability Booster for AdWords optimizers

Add-on for Firefox and Chrome to improve the AdWords website for managing Google AdWords advertisements.

Last update: 2017-05-19 v1.1.5

We are working on a version for the new beta AdWords interface (dark gray bar on top). This version is only for the current AdWords interface with the light gray bar (see video).

 Good reasons to install the Usability Booster

Standard tasks for every AdWords optimizer can be done faster and more comfortable.
  • You can change the keyword match type of all new keywords with a single click - including modified broad match. (screenshot)
  • You can edit new keywords faster and more comfortable.
  • Many fields are wider so the whole content becomes visible.
  • Coloured tables improves the clearness. Every colour convey a meaning. (optional)
  • Less eye movement by mouse over tooltips.
  • Less mouse movement because you can select and unselect a checkbox at the left side of a table by clicking anywhere in the row.


If a page in the AdWords interface is opened with the installed Usability Booster, the script is automatically active. Currently the script expands some CSS definitions in the <head> area in order to enlarge specific input fields. The Usability Booster enables Alt/Ctrl clicks on words in text input fields as well.

 Installation in two steps

Step 1: Install Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey in your browser

Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey are browser enhancements that make it possible to customize websites with your own scripts. Click on the link for your browser.



For Chrome, you will need the
"Extension Tampermonkey".
On the Extension website just click on "ADD TO CHROME".
For Firefox, you will need the
"Add-On Greasemonkey".
On the Add-On website just click on "Add to Firefox" .


For Opera, you will need the "Add-on Tampermonkey".
On the Add-On website just click on"add to Opera".

Step 2: Install Usability Booster userscript

If Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey have been installed in the browser, just click on this link:
Install Usabiltiy Booster for AdWords
Usability Booster userscript will be installed on demand.
After installation please reload the AdWords page (Ctrl + F5) to activate the Usability Booster.
If you'd like, you can, of course, also copy the JavaScript files to the clipboard and manually set up a userscript in Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. Just click on the button and select not to install the script.

Step 3: Plus and share this page

Friends of you might find the Usability Booster useful as well.
A little click from you for your friends and as motivation for us to continue development:-)


 How do I see that Usability Booster is active?

AdWords Usability Booster
A new coloured icon appears at the top right side of every AdWords page.

 How can I switch Usability Booster off?

Click on the coloured icon to switch features on and off or to turn off the Usability Booster completely. The browser extensions Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey install a new icon on the right side of the adress bar in your browser. There you can switch the extension on and off and uninstall the Usability Booster. Please give feedback why!:-)


Updates are announced on our Google+ page. Stay informed ...

 Make suggestions for improvement/contribute to development

We hope that as many people as possible will contribute to the Usability Booster for Google AdWords, whether with suggestions or with enhancements to the userscript. We are happy to incorporate these suggestions and enhancements so that the improvements are then available to all users of the Usability Booster. We will, of course, also mention the author, if desired. Please post suggestions for improvement on our Google+ page so they can be discussed there. Those who have made improvements to the userscript or who encounter issues with it are welcome to send this information directly to me, Holger Schulz.


The Usability Booster can be used by anyone at no charge as a browser add-on. Use is granted without guarantee or liability. Links to this page are welcome but redistribution of the Usability Booster code or derived code is prohibited. Copyright data-inside GmbH.