AdWords Tools

Our small collection of Google AdWords tools support you in optimizing AdWords ads or help remedy problems.

 Keyword generator

The keyword generator is an online AdWords tool with which you can generate new keywords from two to three keyword lists. This is especially handy when you want to use the keyword options 'exact' or 'phrase' to define the target group very precisely. Unlike the keyword multiplier in the AdWords editor, all combinations are output and the keywords normalized on request here.

 Usability booster for Google AdWords

A small browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that remedies several deficiencies of the AdWords interface and thus facilitates the AdWords optimization.

 URL diagnostic tool for AdWords ads

When problems with a URL occur, Google often only ouputs the message "Reasons for rejection: destination URL not working". This message is often confusing, as you cannot see any problems with the URL yourself. Our AdWords diagnostic tool provides specific error messages and hints for solving the problem.

 Free AdWords Scripts

Our free AdWords Scripts can be used without any programming knowledge.

More AdWords tools are in the works.

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