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AdWords keyword generator

The Google AdWords keyword generator is a free keyword tool that enables you to automatically generate new combinations from several lists of keywords and thereby to place AdWords ads in a more targeted way using phrases, for example.

The new version of our online keyword mixer can you find here: AdWords Keyword Generator.

 How does the free keyword tool work?

The keyword generator creates various combinations (or permutations) from two or three lists of keywords that you define. Each keyword is combined with every other keyword - the keywords are also generated in different orders in the permutation.

Generate keywords as:
Create variations:

   (max 8000)
8 generated keywords

Unlike the AdWords Editor keyword multiplier, our keyword generator tool outputs all variations and also normalizes all keywords. Furthermore, the keyword variations "broad match", "modified broad match", "phrase match" and "exact match" can be created simultaneously here.
Update: A keyword is no longer duplicated when it shows up in several keyword lists.
Example: Keyword list 1 = "keyword"; keyword list 2 = "tool"; keyword list 3 = "tool"
=> Generated keyword: "keyword tool" instead of "keyword tool tool" as previously the case

We are delighted to receive any comments and suggestions about how to improve the keyword generator!